Saturday, 8 March 2008

RE: Greatest Achievement

well, they're not hugely amusing, cept for the big cartoon crow esp the dude playing the sax ^^, Nothing as fun as a certificate for bouncing (what were you bouncing?) But i found some old school reports and i think they're pretty funny, just like, at that age esp with large class sizes, there are so many sweeping statements and coverall terms in my old primary school reports!

most of these are for swimming or dancing pretty much, oh well (blame Matt)

I like how in the first one they spelt my name wrong! Some people just dont pay attention

i did loads of dancing exams, lost most of the certificates though, only have the really early ones



Love those ki ora stuff. god I think all my reports are really naughty.

Cathy G said...

all the more fun! if you have your old primary school reports put them up!