Saturday, 8 March 2008

For Will mostly, and any other concept artists and illustraitors alike!

A fantastic community called (shockingly) Conceptart! includes a great forum where you can put up your own work for critique! has some great excercises in honing your skills and also to practice for when you may be working for people, especially art directors...

the website

where your digital sketchbook goes

a great post with all sorts of practice ideas!
i'd reccommend book marking that one if you wanna go back to it, took me ages to find it second time around!

if you do decide to join, my "handle" is missvacant so throw a message at me so I can poke around your sketchbook.

P.S - Will, how come you havent got your shiny butt on there yet?!

1 comment:

hippo_boy_will said...

pretty much because i'm quite lazy. I'll get onto it sharpish