Thursday, 7 February 2008

merlins tingzz

Bryony and Jason: you said you looking at light/dark images, this guy does some ace illustrated type and swirly things that might be inspiring??

I reckon everybody should have a go at this tshirt competition on

here is my entry for it,
thought I'd move away from their really graphic style and try to do something different. I guess you'll either love it or hate it.

Also anybody seen this?
Could be something to submit competition work to as a double chance of winning!

and if anybody is interested I've given my own site a complete overhaul.
see it here, if you want.

Also shut magazine are looking for contributions for their next issue (the money issue), if you can think of anything funny and probably slightly pretentious then they might be interested. you can download previous issues as pdf's from their site.

wooopwooop xx

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hey up merlin, im doing a t-shirt design for that at the moment :) its kinds lifted from my animation. arrrr to much stuff to do.